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 Where Do Tenants Look For Rental Properties

Close to one hundred per cent of prospective tenants, searching for a rental property in today’s marketplace will search one or more of the following sites:

Transferring My Property From Another Agent To Us

If your investment property is managed by another real estate agency, you may not realise how simple it is to change the Property Management.

On your request, we can provide you with a full written report on our services together with our economical Property Management fees.  Once you are comfortable to transfer your property to our agency, these are the simple steps:

  • We provide you with our REIV Managing Authority detailing all costs as quoted in our report
  • We contact your previous agent on your behalf and arrange to collect your file incorporating the lease, condition report, photographs, routine inspections conducted, list of outstanding works scheduled, tenant contact details, keys, remotes etc
  • We contact your tenants, introduce ourselves and arrange to inspect your investment property
  • We report to you on our findings once we have inspected your property


As an independent company, our overheads are lower than larger organisations and we are able to offer our services at economical rates. Please contact us today for a no obligation quotation. 

Award Winning Advertising


4 Best Property

REIV Marketing Awards

1 Best Agency

REIV Property Management Award

Our specialist skills, attention to every detail, carefully written copy and well-chosen photography assures our clients of award winning advertising. These annual REIV awards are highly sought-after.

We have the latest technology in marketing systems for all property listed onto top portals which contribute to the company’s record-breaking leasing’s.

Property Presentation

We provide a complimentary service to all Landlords on how best to display your property to obtain the highest rental yields.

Fast Moving Service

As a faster moving independent agency and being at the forefront of technology, ensures your property is up-loaded onto all of our internet portals the same day the photography is completed.

Relocation/Corporate Clients Waiting List

We deal with all independent corporate clients and major relocation agencies employed by larger organisations to lease property for their employees transferring to Melbourne.

Privately Conducted Inspections

We personally escort potential Tenants through our properties available for lease. We do not hand over keys to prospective Tenants to view your property unaccompanied.

After Hours Inspections

High end, prestige property requires after hour’s inspections due to hectic work schedules of corporate clients.  We have great success in leasing high-end properties. We personally escort Tenants through property outside of normal business hours.

Rental Application (Selection)

Prospective Tenants complete a comprehensive tenancy application form. Included in this application is current and past employment/business enterprise, current address, previous address and a copy of their driver’s licence/passport for our reference checking. 

We also complete a thorough banking/credit history.           

Residential Tenancy Agreement

As soon as an application is accepted, we prepare an REIV Tenancy Agreement at no extra fee incorporating personalised “Special Conditions” for each property i.e. swimming pool clause, fireplace clause, no smoking clause etc. Smoking is not permitted in any of our property.

Condition Report

We prepare a comprehensive condition report together with interior and exterior photographs of the condition prior to a new Tenant moving into your property.  This extensive photography includes inside the oven, cook tops, toilets, fixtures etc. 

Rental Payment and Bond Monies 

The Tenant is required to pay one month’s rent in advance together with payment of the bond money, which is generally one-month’s rent.

The Tenant pays one month’s rent in advance on the same day each month. We accept cash, personal cheque, direct debit and internet transfer.

Calendar Monthly Rental

The method for calculation adopted by VCAT

Weekly Rent

Divide by 7 Example $500.00 PW ÷ 7 = $71.42

Multiply by 365 Days = $26,071.42

Calendar Monthly      

Divide by 12 = $2,172.619046 rounded to $2173.00 CM

We then round (up or down) the monthly rent depending on the third figure after the decimal point.

Security Bond

We collect a security bond which is generally equal to one month’s rent in advance.  This is transferred to “The Residential Tenancies Bond Authority” who hold the bond until the tenant vacates the property.

Rental Arrears

We are vigilant in monitoring rental money is paid promptly. We contact Tenants in arrears by email, SMS, mail or telephone to ensure this does not occur again.

Routine Inspections

We conduct six monthly property inspections on all property (at the end of the first three months for all new tenancies) as allowed by current legislation. This enables us to monitor any maintenance we may recommend Landlords consider and to ensure the Tenant is looking after the property.

We then forward a written report with recommendations for maintenance, if necessary requesting your instructions.

Cost Effective Tradespeople

We maintain your property on a regular basis to ensure we safeguard your valuable asset and the ongoing capital growth in your investment.

We have a comprehensive list of skilled, qualified, price effective tradespeople in all fields to obtain a quotation for your consideration when necessary.

Insurance Cover

You may wish to consider the importance of adequate building, Public Liability and Landlord Rental Protection Insurance.  AON Insurance is most competitive and offer Affordable Landlord Rental Protection Insurance. Their policy covers:

  • Damage or theft by Tenants
  • Loss of rent
  • Rent default
  • Landlords contents cover
  • Liability cover
  • Flood cover

Please feel free to discuss your requirements directly with AON on 1800 105 900.

Insurance Claims

Should any repairs to your property result in an insurance claim, our agency will lodge and monitor the claim on your behalf with your chosen insurance company at no extra fee.

Regular Monitoring Of Your Investment Performance

Every twelve months we assess your rental income and re-appraise your current return. We will provide you with our recommendations on a rate increase when applicable and ask for your instructions. 

Tax Deductible Items

You may wish to discuss with your accountant possible tax-deductible items:

  • Advertising for Tenants
  • Agent fees and/or commissions
  • Bank charges and interest
  • Owners corporation fees
  • Borrowing expenses
  • Council rates
  • Decline in value of depreciating assets
  • Gardening
  • Insurance
  • Land tax
  • Pest control
  • Telephone
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Stationery
  • Travel to inspect property
  • Water charges

Owners Instructions/Banking Details

Upon receiving instructions to lease your property, we would provide you with our “Owners Instructions” document to enable us to carry out your specific instructions.

For example, we can pay

  • Municipal rates
  • Water rates
  • Land tax
  • Owners corporation fees
  • Insurance 

Rental Payments

We can also pay your rental money by direct bank transfer into your nominated bank account.

Renovate/Update Your Property  

Our experience covers upgrading and or project management of your investment property’s renovation/upgrade to ensure continued capital growth for changing markets. We also offer cost effective qualified trades to complete the work.

Emergency Maintenance

Legislation requires real estate offices provide an emergency telephone number to all Tenants. We provide our Tenants with our emergency mobile number, answered by one of our Property Managers. 

Some Tenants believe a maintenance problem is urgent but after discussion, we find it is not a legislated Maintenance Emergency. If so, we advise the Tenant and we arrange a quote for the Landlord’s consideration with one of our select tradespeople thus avoiding after hours rates.

Larger real estate organisations simply provide a list of various tradespeople’s telephone numbers so that their Tenants arrange maintenance issues themselves.

In some cases, Tenants go ahead with maintenance not legislated an emergency and find they may not be compensated creating a disgruntled relationship.  

Our personal service ensures you become a client for life