about us

The Team

Karen and Michael Gornalle (husband and wife) established the business in 1993 as an independent agency.  They chose not to purchase an existing real estate agency or franchise preferring to establish their new agency from referral business from their many years and client base in the industry. 

They have a team of qualified staff able to handle any aspect of Real Estate. We focus on customer satisfaction and provide immediate attention to our client’s needs.

Karen Gornalle has held various board positions at the REIV and also at Consumer Affairs Justice Department. She commenced selling real estate at various larger organisations in the Eastern suburbs some 30 years ago.

Mike Gornalle is our General Manager and prior to working in real estate worked in the publishing industry obtaining vast skills in budget control, forecasting, volume marketing and strategy performance.

Mike and Karen have a great degree of knowledge of the complex laws governed by Residential Tenancies Act, Residential Tenancies Regulations, Owners Corporation Act, Estate Agents Act etc. and are great negotiators for both residential and commercial leases.

Judi Crowe is our “Senior Property Manager” and has many years of real estate experience and knowledge. Judi provides loyal, hardworking and dedicated service

ensuring professional support, advice and efficient service to all her clients. She is a member of the REIV and has her full Agents Representatives License.

Suzaan Wessels is our “Assistant Property Manager” and has years of experience and knowledge in real estate. She has excellent people skills, is a great problem solver, hardworking and dedicated.  She is highly principled and has her full Agents Representatives License.

Catuyen Hoang is our Trust Account Bookkeeper having worked in the industry since 2001. She ensures prompt rental statements to all clients. She will go the extra mile to provide immediate assistance with “a can do attitude”. She is extremely trustworthy and has her full Agents Representatives License.

Faye Gwynne is our “Personal Assistant”.  She has a wealth of knowledge running larger offices. She has expertise in developing and maintaining good business relationships and is a great communicator. She proudly represents our agency in a positive and friendly manner. She also has her full Agents Representative License.

Danika Gasparini is our most professional “Receptionist/Personal Assistant”. She has excellent front of house expertise and provides a fresh approach with a youthful attitude. She is a very caring soul and takes great pride in her work. She is very reliable, and has excellent organisational skills. 

All members of the team are fully qualified and experienced to handle all aspects of real estate having collectively accumulated over 80 years in real estate.

We provide an unequalled level of service competitors are unable to offer.